What Are the Best Vape Flavors?

Flavor is an integral component of the vaping experience – for many people, it’s the most important part. If you’ve been vaping long enough, you’ve probably reached a point where the nicotine aspect of vaping doesn’t actually cross your mind that much anymore. Maybe you never even think about cigarettes at all. At that point, you’re really vaping more for the enjoyment of the flavor than anything else.

Many people also find that flavor is a big part of what helps them switch to vaping in the first place. Discovering that you can satisfy your nicotine cravings without the constant harshness of inhaling smoke often ends up being a major factor that helps people realize how much better than smoking vaping really is.

You might be the type of person who wants to try new things constantly, or maybe you’re the type who has never bought anything else since you discovered your favorite e-liquid flavor. Either way, it’s still good to try something new occasionally because it helps to ensure that you won’t lose interest in vaping and won’t be tempted to revert to smoking. The vape juice makers of the world are always developing new flavor profiles and new techniques for creating their products, and there’s always a chance that the next bottle is going to become your new favorite.

No single article could possibly be a truly comprehensive list of all the vape flavors on the market. On this page, though, we’re going to do our best by providing a broad overview of what’s out there. These are all of the most popular e-liquid flavor profiles along with some of the individual flavors that you’ll find in them. You’ll find many of these flavors in our range of Innobar disposable vapes and pod systems, and we also offer many of them in pre-filled form for our Klypse C1 platform. Try something new today!


Tobacco Flavors

Tobacco is one of the most popular vape flavors, especially among those who have just switched from smoking to vaping. When you think about it, the popularity of tobacco e-liquids probably isn’t all that surprising since many people are looking for e-liquids that taste like the cigarettes they’re giving up. Vape juice uses the same food-grade flavoring agents found in many foods and beverages, and it’s important to note that no food flavoring can possibly capture the taste of real tobacco smoke. However, a good tobacco e-liquid can still present a smooth, nutty and slightly sweet flavor that satisfies you in much the same way.

Some of the most popular tobacco e-liquids capture the flavors of specific types of tobacco, such as Virginia tobacco, European tobacco and cigar tobacco. It has also become increasingly popular for vape juice makers to use tobacco in dessert flavor profiles. A savory note of tobacco makes a great addition to e-liquids with flavors like vanilla, custard and chocolate.


Menthol Flavors

If you’re not a traditional cigarette smoker, you’re a menthol smoker – and in that case, you’re going to want a menthol e-liquid. The great news for menthol smokers who want to switch to vaping is that there’s no flavor difference whatsoever between the menthol used in cigarettes and the menthol used in e-liquid. In fact, if you enjoy the coolness of menthol, there are many e-liquids on the market today that are much colder than any menthol cigarette. You can also find menthol e-liquids with several different flavor profiles including plain menthol, menthol and mint and menthol and tobacco.

In recent years, menthol has actually evolved into a vape flavor element that’s completely distinct from menthol cigarettes. Companies add menthol in small amounts to other types of vape juices – fruit or candy e-liquids, for instance – to add a touch of extra coolness without covering or altering those e-liquids’ base flavors. A dash of menthol can make an e-liquid delightfully smooth and refreshing. A little menthol can also make some types of flavors – beverage or ice cream flavors, for instance – taste more realistic because those things are normally served cold.

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