OXBAR G8000 – Peach Blue Raspberry


Up to 8000 Puffs
650mAh Rechargable Internal Battery
18ml of E-Juice
2% or 20mg/ml Stregnth
Amazing Mesh Coil
Exquisite Clear Shell

3 - 5
6 - 14
× OXBAR G8000 - Peach Blue Raspberry

OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry: A Unique Flavor Combination

In the realm of vaping, flavor diversity reigns supreme, and OXBAR once again delivers with its latest creation, the OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry. Let’s delve into the captivating world of this unique flavor profile:

The Perfect Harmony: Peach and Blue Raspberry Unite

OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry offers a tantalizing blend of two beloved fruits. The sweetness of ripe peaches melds seamlessly with the tartness of blue raspberries, creating a harmonious flavor profile that dances on the palate with every inhale.

A Burst of Sweetness: Juicy Peach Delight

Peach lovers rejoice, for OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry brings the essence of ripe, juicy peaches to life. Each puff is a symphony of sweet, succulent flavor that transports you to sun-kissed orchards, where the fragrance of freshly picked peaches fills the air.

A Tangy Twist: Zesty Blue Raspberry Zing

Complementing the sweetness of peaches is the tartness of blue raspberries. OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry introduces a zesty twist to the flavor profile, adding depth and complexity to the vaping experience. It’s a delightful contrast that keeps your taste buds intrigued.

Crafted for Flavor Enthusiasts: Premium Quality Assurance

At OXBAR, quality is paramount, and OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is no exception. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this flavor delivers an authentic fruit experience that satisfies even the most discerning palates. Each puff is a testament to OXBAR’s commitment to excellence.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

Beyond its exceptional flavor profile, OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry boasts advanced technology that enhances the overall vaping experience. From its rapid heating system to its precise airflow control, every aspect of this device is optimized for maximum performance and flavor delivery.

Long-lasting Battery Life: Enjoy Vaping Without Interruptions

Say goodbye to frequent recharges and hello to uninterrupted vaping pleasure. OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is equipped with a long-lasting battery that ensures you can indulge in your favorite flavors for extended periods. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this device has the stamina to keep up with your vaping lifestyle.

User-friendly Design: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Navigating the OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Refilling the pod, adjusting settings, and monitoring battery life are all simple tasks that can be accomplished with ease. Whether you’re a novice vaper or a seasoned enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the convenience and simplicity of this device.

Safety First: Peace of Mind While Vaping

Safety is a top priority when it comes to vaping, and OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry prioritizes user well-being. Built-in safety features such as overcharge protection and short circuit protection ensure peace of mind while vaping. You can enjoy your favorite flavors without worrying about potential hazards.

Limited Edition Appeal: A Collector’s Dream

Adding to its allure, OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is a Limited Edition release. This exclusive status elevates its desirability, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts looking to expand their vaping repertoire. With only a limited number available, owning the OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is a testament to your refined taste.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Vaping Experience with OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry

In conclusion, OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is a flavor sensation that offers the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Its unique blend of peach and blue raspberry, combined with advanced technology and user-friendly design, makes it a standout choice for vape enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking a fruity escape or simply want to indulge in a burst of flavor, OXBAR G8000 Peach Blue Raspberry is sure to satisfy.

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm


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