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STLTH Pods X Grape Ice

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  • Pre-filled with grape ice flavor
  • 2 mL e-liquid per pod
  • Compatible with STLTH device
  • Smooth throat hit
  • 3.5% or 5.0% nicotine strength options
  • No leaking or spitting
  • Easy pod replacement
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6 - 14
× STLTH Pods X Grape Ice

As the vape industry evolves, STLTH continues to innovate with their range of flavorful pods designed for the discerning vaper. One standout option is the STLTH Pods X Grape Ice, a delightful combination of rich grape essence and a cooling menthol finish.

The Flavor Experience

STLTH Pods X Grape Ice offers vapers a refreshing take on traditional grape flavors. Each puff delivers a burst of sweet grape paired perfectly with a hint of menthol ice, creating a satisfyingly cool sensation on every exhale. This flavor profile is crafted to appeal to those who enjoy fruit blends with a touch of minty freshness.

Device Compatibility and Specifications

Designed specifically for use with STLTH devices, these pods ensure a seamless vaping experience. Each pod contains 2 mL of e-liquid, providing ample capacity for extended vaping sessions without frequent refills. The pods are easy to insert and replace, making them ideal for vapers who value convenience.

Nicotine Strength Options

STLTH Pods X Grape Ice pods are available in nicotine strengths of 3.5% and 5.0%, catering to vapers with varying preferences for nicotine intake. This flexibility allows users to choose the strength that best suits their needs, whether they are transitioning from traditional cigarettes or prefer a higher nicotine concentration.

Smooth and Consistent Performance

One of the hallmarks of STLTH pods is their consistent performance. The pods are engineered to deliver a smooth throat hit with each draw, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience without harshness. Users can enjoy the flavor nuances of grape ice without compromising on vaping comfort.

Quality Assurance and Design

STLTH Pods X Grape Ice are crafted with quality in mind. Each pod undergoes rigorous testing to meet high standards of flavor accuracy and vapor production. The design prevents leaking and spitting, ensuring a clean and enjoyable vaping experience from the first puff to the last.

Accessibility and Availability

Available at, STLTH Pods X Grape Ice caters to Canadian vapers seeking premium vape products. Whether you’re new to vaping or a seasoned enthusiast, these pods offer a convenient and flavorful option for your STLTH device. Explore the fusion of grape sweetness and menthol coolness today.


In conclusion, STLTH Pods X Grape Ice stands out for its refreshing grape flavor enhanced by a cooling menthol twist. Designed for STLTH device users, these pods combine convenience, quality, and flavor, making them a favorite among vapers looking for a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience. Visit to discover STLTH Pods X Grape Ice and elevate your vaping journey with every puff.

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