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STLTH Pods X Banana Ice

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Features of STLTH Pods X Banana Ice:

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  1. Smooth banana flavor
  2. Menthol ice sensation
  3. Designed for STLTH device
  4. 2 ml e-liquid per pod
  5. Pack of 3 pods
  6. 35 mg/ml (3.5% nicotine)
  7. Long-lasting flavor
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× STLTH Pods X Banana Ice

STLTH continues to redefine the vaping experience with their innovative range of pods, and the STLTH Pods X Banana Ice is a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking a blend of smooth fruitiness and cooling menthol.

Delight in the Flavor Fusion

Imagine the creamy sweetness of ripe bananas paired with a refreshing menthol ice finish—that’s what awaits you with STLTH Pods X Banana Ice. Each puff delivers a satisfying burst of banana flavor, perfectly complemented by a cool sensation that invigorates the senses.

Precision Crafted for STLTH Devices

Designed specifically for use with STLTH devices, these pods ensure a seamless fit and optimal performance. With 2 ml of e-liquid per pod and a nicotine strength of 35 mg/ml (3.5%), they offer a balanced vaping experience that caters to both flavor enthusiasts and those seeking a satisfying nicotine hit.

Convenience Redefined

STLTH Pods X Banana Ice come in packs of three, providing vapers with a convenient supply that lasts. The easy-to-use design means you can simply snap a pod into your STLTH device and enjoy consistent flavor and vapor production without the need for refills or maintenance.

Quality and Longevity

Each pod is crafted with quality ingredients to preserve the integrity of the banana flavor profile from the first puff to the last. Whether you’re vaping throughout the day or enjoying a relaxing evening, STLTH Pods X Banana Ice promise long-lasting flavor and satisfaction.

Why Choose STLTH Pods X Banana Ice?

At, we understand the importance of offering products that meet the diverse preferences of our customers. STLTH Pods X Banana Ice stand out for their tropical fruit blend and icy cool finish, making them a popular choice among vapers looking to explore new flavors while enjoying the convenience of pod-based vaping.

Embrace Innovation and Flavor

With STLTH Pods X Banana Ice, STLTH continues to innovate, delivering a blend that captures the essence of tropical refreshment with every puff. Whether you’re a fan of fruity flavors or simply curious to try something new, these pods are a delicious addition to your vaping repertoire.


In conclusion, STLTH Pods X Banana Ice combine the rich flavor of bananas with a refreshing menthol twist, offering a unique vaping experience that satisfies both the palate and nicotine cravings. Discover the perfect balance of tropical sweetness and cool sensation with STLTH Pods X Banana Ice, available now at

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