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STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice

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  • Pre-filled with Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice flavor
  • 2 mL e-liquid capacity per pod
  • 20 mg/mL nicotine strength
  • Compatible with STLTH devices
  • Smooth throat hit
  • Leak-resistant design
  • Approximately 300 puffs per pod
3 - 5
6 - 14
× STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice

At, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of vape products to satisfy every palate. One of our standout offerings is the STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice. This exceptional flavor blend combines the tropical sweetness of peach and dragonfruit with a refreshing icy finish, providing a unique and invigorating vaping experience.

Flavor Profile

The STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice is a delightful combination of ripe peach and exotic dragonfruit. The peach flavor is rich and juicy, offering a sweet and succulent taste that pairs perfectly with the slightly tart and refreshing notes of dragonfruit. The addition of a cool menthol breeze on the exhale elevates this flavor profile, creating a well-rounded and satisfying vape that is perfect for all-day enjoyment.

Nicotine Strength

Each STLTH pod is pre-filled with e-liquid containing 20 mg/mL of nicotine, which strikes a balance between providing a satisfying nicotine hit and ensuring a smooth vaping experience. This nicotine strength is ideal for those transitioning from traditional cigarettes to vaping, as well as for experienced vapers looking for a steady and reliable nicotine delivery.

Pod Specifications

The STLTH Pods are designed with convenience in mind. Each pod comes pre-filled with 2 mL of e-liquid, eliminating the need for messy refills. The pods are compatible with STLTH devices, which are known for their sleek and user-friendly design. Simply insert the pod into your device, and you’re ready to enjoy a premium vaping experience.

Build and Design

One of the standout features of the STLTH Pods is their leak-resistant design. This ensures that you can carry your device with confidence, knowing that your e-liquid will stay contained within the pod. The pods are also engineered to provide approximately 300 puffs each, offering long-lasting enjoyment and making them a cost-effective choice for regular vapers.

Smooth Throat Hit

The STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice delivers a smooth throat hit, making each puff enjoyable and satisfying. The menthol element not only enhances the flavor but also contributes to the smoothness of the vapor, making it easier on the throat while still delivering a robust and fulfilling nicotine hit.

Sustainability and Disposal

STLTH Pods are designed for single use, ensuring that you always have a fresh and clean vaping experience. Once a pod is depleted, simply dispose of it responsibly and replace it with a new one. This minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures that your vaping experience is consistently enjoyable.

Accessibility and Availability

At, we are committed to providing our Canadian customers with the highest quality vape products. The STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice is one of our top-selling items, and it’s easy to see why. The combination of tropical flavors and a refreshing icy finish makes it a must-try for any vaper. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of vaping, this flavor is sure to impress with its unique and delightful taste.


In conclusion, the STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice offers a unique and refreshing vaping experience that stands out in the crowded market of vape flavors. With its perfect blend of juicy peach, exotic dragonfruit, and cool menthol, this pod provides a satisfying and enjoyable vape every time. Available at, your trusted source for premium vape products in Canada, the STLTH Pods Monster Peach Dragonfruit Ice is a top choice for vapers seeking quality and flavor in a convenient pod system. Try it today and discover your new favorite vape flavor!

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